Washopedia is the best when you think of getting your laundry and dry cleaning done in an INSTANT. We offer a fast and reliable pick-up and delivery service that you can a count on anytime. We also offer home laundry services and special laundry services to customers who may need it. Our laundry experts are always on the go to give your clothes the care and standard treatment it needs to appear sparkling clean at all time.

So, maybe you do not have the time or ability to handle your laundry & dry cleaning tasks, or maybe you want these tasks done with style and professionalism; whichever it maybe, our laundry and dry cleaning experts are always up and ready to meet and exceed your expectation by giving your clothes the best care they need. At Washopedia, we aim at providing the highest quality laundry service available.

Home Laundry Services

At Washopedia, we also understand that some customers prefer indoor laundry & dry cleaning, and so, we designed this service to satisfy these customers’ needs.
To access this service, customers only need to do the following;

1. Gather all the clothes in a bag

2. Call our hotlines directly to place the demand for indoor laundry service with a customer service representative