If you are looking to have your home and/or office cleaned up, we have expert cleaners who can handle the job. We offer all kinds of cleaning services ranging from one-time cleaning to contract-based cleaning at very affordable prices.

So, maybe you do not have the time or ability to handle heavy cleaning tasks, or maybe you want these tasks done with style and professionalism; whichever it maybe, our cleaning experts are always up and ready to meet and exceed your expectation by giving your home or office the best care they need. At Washopedia, we aim at providing the highest quality cleaning service available.

Special Cleaning Services

Washopedia offers special one-time cleaning services to meet the need of some customers who are interested in achieving any of the following;

i. Thorough cleaning of newly completed or hired homes, and getting them ready for use.

ii. Cleaning of event centers, halls and open spaces before, during and/or after certain events.

iii. Street Cleaning and beautification for special purposes

To access this service, customers only need to do the following;

1. Determine the size of the home, office or event center to be cleaned

2. Call our hotlines directly to place the demand for home cleaning service with a customer service representative.